South Island Ute Muster


The Best Fishing and Hunting Ute


The Best Chick’s Ute

The Best Tradie’s Ute

The Best Rural Ute

New Zealand Petrolhead

Hokitika Guardian and West Coast Messenger

Aurora Gourmet Restaurant



21 Revell St, Hokitika

West Coast Print

15 Weld St, Hokitika

Westland Greenstone, 34 Tancred St Hokitika

14 Weld Street, Hokitika

10 Weld St, Hokitika

Tourism West Coast

IANZART, 32 Revell St Hokitika

Phone Ian on 021 542 643

Elcock & Johnston Lawyers

Jeff Evans Plumbing

John Gibb Autospares
92 Lake Kaniere Road

Want to sponsor the Best Holden Ute, Best Japanese Ute, Best of Show’n’Shine or any of the other categories we’ll be judging?
Drop me a line at and let me know what you’d like to add to the prize pool and I’ll put your business up here.

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