South Island Ute Muster


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It’s all on the program, Folks. Time Trails at the airport and 4x4 at the Dalton St entrance to the Racecourse from 9am Friday Friday Night Bands and DJ kick off from 7pm Street Parade starts at 10am Sharp on Saturday from Gibson Quay by the DoC carpark, but be there earlier because we WILL be leaving at 10. Show Day after the parade with judging at the Racecourse from 2-4:30pm. You have to be there to be considered for a judged prize. Prize giving, including all the drawn prizes at the Racecourse from 5:30pm Big Night out at the Racecourse starts from 7pm till late.
$25 for an adult registration to get into everything except the 4x4 and Time trials. $60 will get you a family pass for 2x adults and up to 4 under 16. $60 to camp the whole weekend. $50 if you bring a ute. $100 if you bring the family Time trials and 4x4 %30 per driver, $5 per adult spectator, $2 under 16
  • $10,000 Grand Prize will be drawn on Saturday night. You have to be present at the draw and have brought your ute down and registered it before 4:30 Saturday
  • $1,000 voucher from Wild Outdoorsman for best Fishing and Hunting Ute
  • $1,000 voucher from Sunshinz for best Chick's Ute
  • Makita Chainsaw from Griffen and Smith Mitre10 for Best Tradie's Ute
  • Makita Recipro Saw from McMullan ITM for Best Rural Ute.
  • $3,500 worth of Tyres from Maxxis and General Tire for the Time Trial and 4x4 events.
  • Plus loads of other prizes that we’ll hand out on the day.
If you’re registered you’re all good to go. If you just want to spectate, It will cost you $5 per adult or $2 per under 16 to watch the Time Trials at the Airport or 4x4 at the Racecourse on Friday, the same price on the Saturday for Show day. It’s another $20 to just come to the Big Night Out and Prize giving from 5:30 on Saturday.
Anyone with a safe vehicle, appropriate PPE and a drivers licence. If it has a warrant, it’s probably safe. For the 4x4 it must have seatbelts. If in doubt we’ll have a look and make a decision. If you have a crash helmet that’s what you need for the 4x4. Time trials a helmet and overalls. We might be able to loan some to you, but don’t rely on it. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A UTE FOR THIS.
No. We have a licence for all three bars from Noon until 1am and the Grandstand and Hall will be priced like a perfectly normal pub. We don’t price gouge you, you buy off us. Sound like a fair deal?
9am on Good Friday. Alternative accommodation before and after (or even during) the Ute Muster can be found on our Other Accommodation page.
Bringing the kids to the camp? You can bring two per adult ticket. Bear in mind that the nominated adult is responsible for their children. You might want to consider booking into the Family Area where things will be a bit quieter.
Not at all. If you’re one of those poor unfortunates that are currently between utes, you can bring your current vehicle along. Bear in mind though that:
  • Ute Muster “Ute Only” stickers only go on Utes. So you miss out there.
  • You’re not in a ute, you won’t have the right sticker, so don’t whinge that you didn’t win the $10,000 for best ute. That would be silly.
  • We’re trying to encourage ute owners to turn up and the camping spot you got might have had a ute on it. So, it’s going to cost you an extra $10. Next year, have a ute.
Yep. We’ll have mobile EFTPOS in the bars and at the gates. Try and bring some cash with you too, though. (It’ll make you popular with the locals).
There are three of them on the Western side of Revell St and one in the foyer of the New World Supermarket. You can pretty much stand outside the wine bar and throw a rock in any direction and hit an ATM. (Don’t be throwing rocks round town though. That’ll make you unpopular with the locals.)
We’re trying to organise a bus doing the circuit between the camp and town and all points between from 4pm onwards both days. There’s a local taxi firm that will take you to town and bring you home if you’re wearing a wobbly boot. Bear in mind, it’s only a 10 minute walk from one end of town to the other and it’s pretty flat. We’ll give you a map when you get here, just to be safe.
No. Unless you’re legally blind and it’s a guide dog. And then you can’t drive a ute. (If you’ve taught your guide dog how to drive, send me a video of it please)
Too right. Just wander over to the Ute Muster Shop and the office girl will sort you out. We can send it to you or you can pay for it now and pick it up when you get here to save the freight.

You can also buy South Island Ute Muster gear at the Muster. It’ll be on the map.
Not really. It’d be like mustering seagulls. If you want to camp together, turn up together.

That said, if you’ve got 10 or more utes in a group we’ll reserve a special area for you if let us know well in advance here. First come first served on this one, so get in quick. And yes, they have to be Utes.
Cheap all the way through to expensive. Are you bringing a BBQ? Real cheap. Eating something here? Cheap to medium. Bringing the other half and want to really impress him or her? We can point you at some pretty good places round the area that are worth every cent.
$25 per head. That gets you into the Big Ute Day one Saturday and the Big Night Out on Saturday night. It also gets you a goody bag and if you’ve got a ute, a “Ute Only” sticker we’ll put on for you. That means you’ve got a chance to win the $10,000. It doesn’t include the Time Trials, 4×4 Madness or the Camp.
Got a ute or no vehicle? $50 for the two nights.

Got a vehicle that isn’t a ute? That’s going to coast you an extra $10 for the weekend, so $60 for the two nights.
  • Sunscreen, swimming togs, jandals (It is still summer)
  • Rain coat and Gumboots (It is the Coast, so there might be a slight shower at some stage)
  • Tent, sleeping bag, deckchair and other assorted camping gear.
  • BBQ with in-test gas bottle. If your bottle is out of test, the Challenge has a swap-a-bottle setup.
  • Food, water, soft drinks (Definitely NO GLASS)
  • Glass
  • Fireworks, flares or explosives
  • Charcoal or butane burners
  • Illicit substances
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Household furniture
  • Weapons
Confiscated items will NOT be returned.
Come to the Security HQ in the Stewards Office in the Birdcage and we’ll try to help.
Same place as the lost property. Come to the Security HQ in the Stewards Office in the Birdcage and we’ll try to help.

Any unclaimed children at the end of the weekend will be sold for medical experiments.
Sorry, no. Try and find someone with a ute who missed out. Trademe might work.
Yes. Just ask one of the Security detail, Police, Officials or Volunteers. It’s also on your map of the Camp.
We’re working on this one. If we can find a community group that wants to run it for a gold coin donation, it’ll be there.

Using it to see how drunk you can get will be frowned upon and may get you booted out. Drink responsibly.
The hall, including the VIP area, is fully wheelchair accessible. We can also help arrange off site accommodation for people with special needs. Any specific needs you want to no about, drop me a line here.
Not sure how you’ve missed the answer to this one but NO! Any broken glass at the racecourse or airport and we are not invited back next time. NO GLASS!
No, don’t be silly. You’re only here for two nights, leave the couch at home.
Be at the Grandstand around 3pm Saturday wearing a black teeshirt. We organise it from there and let you know where to down load the pictures.
Yes, with very few exceptions. Obviously no speed limit during the time trials. Some crazy, but well controlled stuff will happen at the 4×4. Apart from that yes. Keep the speed down, don’t drive over the posted speed limit, don’t drive under the influence. Just be a normal person and you’ll have fun.
We’ve got a few different areas
  • The Ute Camp: Utes only. No caravans, trailers, sedans, vans. You need a “Ute Only” sticker to get in here.
  • Non-Ute Camp: Want to be close to the utes, but don’t have one? Got a ute but didn’t get in in time for the Ute Camp? This is the one you want. Sedans, station wagons, vans, etc. allowed in here.
  • Family Area: Away from the bars and noise. Want a quiet night or you’ve got kids? This is the one for you. Anything and everything can park here. Utes, cars, tents. A reasonable level of behaviour is expected here and noise limits apply. Its quiet time from 10pm.
  • Tent Camp: Didn’t bring a vehicle at all, carried everything in on your back? Here you can be close to the action without needing to bring a ute.
Want to reserve a block for you and 10 plus utes? Email me here.
If you have a ute when you pick up your goody bag, we will apply this year’s sticker to it, just tell us where you want it. Rear windscreen or tailgate is best. These will only be stuck on by our staff and only onto Utes. No cars, vans, trailers or doll’s houses. Just utes, because they’re special.

If you have that sticker on your ute, you’re in with a chance to win. Even if you don’t enter any of the events, if the judges see it in the carpark or anywhere else at the Racecourse on Saturday afternoon, and decide it best in class, it will win. No sticker, not in the running.

Long story short: Get registered, get the sticker on your ute, be in to win $10,000. And next time get the new sticker and collect the whole set.
Why not? I’ll be talking to the council about that shortly, but it sounds like a ripper of an idea to me. The more the merrier. About the only thing better would be if you registered and got all the goodies that come with it, but I won’t twist your arm.
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