South Island Ute Muster


Camping accommodation

A two-night camp is available at the main venue, Hokitika Racecourse on Friday and Saturday.

Hokitika i-SITE can also help with bookings for any other types of accommodation e.g. hotels and motels; camping grounds on other days etc.


A mixture of top class local and South Island bands will be playing on the main stage on Friday and Saturday nights and during the open day. Utilising the Boys Brigade Hall at the Racecourse will allow us to weatherproof this event.

Why Support This Event?

Did you miss out on being involved in the first Wild Foods Festival 29 years ago? This event involves many of the same people and groups who grew it to over 22,000 attendees. Here’s your chance to gain exposure with the first ever South Island Ute Muster, which we believe will become a huge iconic event in years to come.

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